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Prudential's 'Future City' Headquarters: Where Innovation Meets Lifestyle and Art

Area5,500 sqm
Completion day2023

In the vibrant landscape of Ho Chi Minh City, where progress and tradition intermingle, stands the Prudential Headquarters - a symbol of innovation, sustainability, and artistic inspiration. This remarkable project, nestled within the esteemed Phu My Hung Tower, was crafted by ADP Workplace to align with the vision of their esteemed client, Prudential Vietnam.


Prudential Vietnam: A Commitment to Excellence

Prudential Vietnam, a prominent player in the insurance industry, is known not only for its commitment to financial security but also for its dedication to the well-being of its employees. Their vision for the Prudential headquarters is a testament to this dedication - it's not just an office; it's a vision of the future.


A Visionary Oasis

The Prudential Headquarters in Phu My Hung Tower transcends conventional office spaces. It's a dynamic and immersive environment, where employees not only work but also savor a dynamic lifestyle within the office itself. At the heart of this unique workspace is the integration of art into every facet of the design. Prudential has collaborated with renowned artists to adorn the office with captivating artworks. The belief is that these artworks infuse the workspace with fresh energy, provide relaxation, and inspire innovative thinking.


Connecting through Private Stairs

One of the distinctive features of this headquarters is the private staircase that elegantly connects all four floors. This architectural innovation fosters a sense of connectivity and engagement among employees. Moreover, it offers a convenient alternative to shared elevators within the building, ensuring efficient movement and facilitating spontaneous interactions.


An Agile and Tech-Savvy Workspace

The Prudential Headquarters has embraced the modern concept of Activity-Based Working (ABW). Employees enjoy unassigned desks, providing flexibility to choose their workstations according to their needs. Various workplace settings and functional spaces cater to different work styles, encouraging productivity and creativity.

Moreover, cutting-edge technology is seamlessly integrated into the workspace. The 17th floor boasts a colossal LED screen that not only disseminates crucial Prudential news and information but also serves as a versatile platform for hosting significant events.

All meeting rooms within the Prudential Headquarters are equipped with a state-of-the-art booking system. This innovative feature empowers employees to effortlessly locate the perfect spot for their meetings, streamlining collaboration and ensuring optimal use of space.


In conclusion,

The Prudential Headquarters in Phu My Hung Tower is not merely an office; it is a testament to innovation, lifestyle integration, and artistic inspiration. Its Gold LEED certification underscores its commitment to sustainability. "The Future City" concept, private connecting stairs, and modern ABW model foster a unique and dynamic work environment. Moreover, the infusion of art and advanced technologies enrich the workspace, creating a holistic experience for employees. It's a vision of what the future of work can be - a space where innovation, lifestyle, and art converge harmoniously across four inspiring floors, all in line with the commitment to excellence by Prudential Vietnam.

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