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Upside City - A new perception to enhance business performance

Area5,200 sqm
Completion day2022

"DISCOVER THE UPSIDE" is more than just a successful marketing campaign by the logistic giant, Maersk. It embodies a powerful promise of "Improving life for all by integrating the world." In line with this vision, Maersk partnered with ADP to design and build their impressive office, the UPSIDE City, in Ho Chi Minh City.


A new office to "Discover the Upside"

Amid economic difficulties, many companies prioritize cost optimization. However, Maersk, driven by the "UPSIDE" perspective, firmly believes that investing in people is the key to success. Recognizing this outlook, ADP tirelessly works to create inspiring workspaces that transform lives. Together with Maersk, they have brought the UPSIDE City to life—a place that fosters creativity, encourages diverse perspectives and empowers individuals to shape the future.

The UPSIDE City office in Ho Chi Minh City reflects the core values of both Maersk and ADP. It is a physical manifestation of the belief that investing in people and providing them with an inspiring work environment leads to positive outcomes. The office's design promotes collaboration, creativity, and a sense of belonging, fostering a strong organizational culture.


Take the Work-Life Balance and Well-being to the new high

Spanning over 6,000 square meters, UPSIDE City sets high standards for the working environment. It provides modern facilities that support work-life balance, utilizes environmentally friendly green materials, offers diverse work forms, and features an open and flexible workspace. Through this design, Maersk's vision extends beyond business achievements, emphasizing the holistic development and happiness of its employees.

One of the standout features of UPSIDE City is its emphasis on work-life balance. Maersk recognizes that a healthy work-life balance is vital for employee well-being and productivity. The office includes spaces for relaxation, wellness activities, and social interaction, enabling employees to recharge and connect with their colleagues.


An office to encourage employee to thrive and go beyond their limitation

ADP's collaboration with Maersk has been instrumental in shaping workspaces that go beyond conventional office designs. Their partnership has consistently delivered spaces that inspire, motivate, and nurture talent. By combining their expertise and embracing the "UPSIDE" approach, Maersk and ADP continue to redefine workspaces and create environments where employees can thrive.

The open and flexible workspace within UPSIDE City encourages collaboration and innovation. It breaks down traditional hierarchies and promotes a culture of transparency and inclusivity. Employees are empowered to share ideas, experiment with new approaches, and think outside the box. This fosters a dynamic and engaging work environment that drives growth and success.


Sustainability: A Cornerstone of UPSIDE City

In line with Maersk's commitment to sustainability, UPSIDE City incorporates environmentally friendly materials and design elements. ADP leveraged their expertise to create a space that maximizes energy efficiency and minimizes environmental impact. By prioritizing sustainability, Maersk and ADP demonstrate their dedication to building a better future for both their employees and the planet.

The Maersk Line office in Ho Chi Minh City, designed and built by ADP, showcases the successful implementation of the "UPSIDE" perspective, emphasizing the importance of employee well-being, sustainability, and a culture of innovation.

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