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Creating an "Everfresh" Workplace: Heineken's by ADP

Area3,500 sqm
Completion day2021

Heineken Vietnam, a subsidiary of the world-renowned brewer Heineken, recently partnered with ADP Architects to bring their vision of an exceptional head office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to life. This collaboration resulted in the creation of a dynamic and sustainable workspace, inspired by Heineken's passion for brewing the best beer in the world and their commitment to environmental goals. With the "Everfresh" concept at its core, the new office showcases a youthful and energetic aesthetic while incorporating recycled materials.


Embracing Sustainability and a New Working Model:

ADP drew inspiration from Heineken Vietnam's dedication to sustainability, incorporating it into the design of the new workplace. By adopting the latest activity-based working model, the office encourages collaboration and creativity among employees. This innovative approach reflects Heineken's commitment to empower their workforce and promotes personal and professional growth, all while contributing to their sustainable goals.


The "Everfresh" Aesthetic:

The new office exudes Heineken's rich heritage of brewing exceptional beers for over 150 years. Throughout the workspace, internationally acclaimed brands and local products are showcased, fostering an atmosphere that celebrates the company's legacy. Collaborative areas are thoughtfully designed to create a unique experience for employees, combining functionality with elements that pay homage to Heineken's brewing expertise.


An Experience of Heineken's Essence:

To further immerse employees and visitors in the Heineken experience, ADP incorporated a dedicated bar within the office space. This space allows individuals to savor the "everfresh" taste of Heineken's products, creating an environment where ideas flow freely and connections are nurtured. The bar acts as a testament to Heineken's commitment to quality and serves as a hub for fostering relationships among colleagues and visitors alike.

The collaboration between Heineken Vietnam and ADP Architects has resulted in the realization of a remarkable head office in Ho Chi Minh City. The "Everfresh" workplace concept not only embodies Heineken's passion for brewing exceptional beers but also reflects their commitment to sustainability and employee empowerment. With its dynamic design, use of recycled materials, and unique features such as the in-office bar, the Heineken office at Vietcombank Tower stands as a testament to the company's dedication to creating a fulfilling and inspiring environment for their team.

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